Cybersecurity audit

With the audit, you can prevent the recurrence of security incidents and get a comprehensive overview of the state of cybersecurity in your company.

You will see the state of your IT technologies and security processes. Our team of experts will find all vulnerabilities and recommend measures to protect the organisation. 

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Cybersecurity audit
It takes companies up to 6 months to detect serious security breaches.
Right choice guarantee
You will be sure you're making the right choice before even making a decision on how to ensure the security of your organisation.
Tailored audit
We customise the scope of the audit according to the existing risks and the needs and objectives of your organisation. You will receive a list of vulnerabilities and find out whether the potential threat is realistic for your type of business.
The audit will not disrupt your company's operation
We will perform the security audit during the full operation of your company. You don't have to worry about disruptions.
How does it work?

How does it work?

The comprehensive analysis gives you a realistic and independent picture of the overall state of your cybersecurity in relation to standards and best practices.

Depending on your needs and objectives, we can focus the cybersecurity audit on a specific infrastructure, app, or personal data protection. It's not just an inventory of your systems and processes, but an in-depth overview of the state of security in your company.   

With a properly conducted risk analysis:   

  • you will see the exact cost of development and investment in security
  • You will lower the risk of a cyberattack by 65%
  • and you will save the money you'd spend on the potential consequences of a cyber attack
How does it work?

Which areas should the risk analysis cover?

  • key IT systems (infrastructure, apps)  
  • key IT and security processes 
  • security technologies and policies 
  • documentation of IT technologies  
  • physical security   
  • information system security   
  • ensuring continuity of operations (DRP, BCM)   
  • management of IT services   
  • ensuring compliance with the requirements of standards and legislation   
  • and more  
Which areas should the risk analysis cover?
Benefits of comprehensive security analysis

Benefits of comprehensive security analysis

A comprehensive security analysis will help you answer the following questions:  

  • What is our cybersecurity level? 
  • Do we meet all regulatory requirements?  
  • Have we missed any important areas in cybersecurity management?  

We provide analysis from 25 different measurable aspects (Governance, Planning, Acquisition, Operations, Improvement, etc.) and areas. We will adapt the scope of the audit to your needs and objectives. Comprehensive analysis will allow you to identify potential risks and prioritise them to meet regulatory requirements or company objectives.  

Benefits of a comprehensive analysis:  

  • It enables the evaluation of individual areas according to the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) methodology.   
  • It is based on the general standards (COBIT, ISO27001, ITIL) and other standards can be included.   
  • It reflects many years of practical experience with IT Operations and InfoSecurity.  
  • It's adaptable according to your needs – objectives, risks, and environment.  
  • It provides the framework for repeatable analyses, audits, and the creation of detailed methodologies.  
Benefits of comprehensive security analysis

How does cooperation work?

Assignment of an audit or analysis
You will have an interview about your requirements with our consultant. Based on the information from the interview and our many years of experience, we will prepare and present the audit process.
The process and report
We will interview the key personnel and examine the actual state of the company. We will compile the obtained information and present you the results and recommendations to help you eliminate identified weaknesses and focus on specific areas to improve your cybersecurity situation.
Implementation and recommendations
If you are interested, we will be ready to assist you with implementing our recommendations, or we can provide you with any necessary related services.

Why audit by us?

Clear audit results
When the audit is done, you will receive a report which is sorted by priorities and contains a summary of recommendations to help you keep up with your needs.
Clients from various fields
We have experience. The diversity of our clients and our understanding of their specific needs allow us to customise the audit process and the interpretation of the results.
We have experience and certifications
Lead auditor ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001)
CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)


  • during a one-time or regular review of your company's processes and technologies  
  • when changing/upgrading the key IT technologies (HW and SW audit, backup)  
  • when implementing new security technologies, policies, and services (e.g. SIEM, SOC, access rights policy, etc.)  
  • when switching IT or other critical service providers  
  • before user security awareness training  
  • for planning security measures, e.g. after a cyberattack  
  • when implementing or reviewing the Information Security Management System and documentation  
  • when implementing a Business Continuity Management plan and Disaster Recovery Plan (BCM, DRP)  
  • when changing your organisational structure (i.e. acquisition) or mandatory requirements from a business partner  

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