We will examine how your company is preventing cyber risks, take care of eliminating the risks, and implement preventative measures.

We will ensure constant security monitoring and will provide regular updates on the current state of your cybersecurity.  

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Reduce the risk of a cyberattack in your organisation by 65%!

Why should you make cybersecurity your top priority?

Minimise risks
Identify cybersecurity risks and threats that could harm your company.
Increase employee productivity
Monitor how your employees use their work hours, how much they print, or what websites they visit.
Get a customised solution
All cybersecurity tests and audits are customised and performed without disrupting your company's operation.
Improve your company cybersecurity with monitoring center services

Improve your company cybersecurity with monitoring center services

The SOC monitoring center consists of technical resources and security tools, it also provides responses to cyber incidents with the help of a certified CSIRT team which holds the prestigious accreditation by Trusted Introducer. 


The SIEM tool identifies security threats, detects incidents, and helps to identify the origins of cyber attacks. We operate these services in NESTOR, our own comprehensive security operations center in accordance with GDPR, ISO, and the Cyber Security Act.  



Improve your company cybersecurity with monitoring center services

We will help you find the best cybersecurity solution

We treat each client as an individual and that is why we always propose tailored solutions. We will help you ensure your company's cybersecurity and information security, so you can be optimally protected. 

We base our work on our experiences with clients from a wide variety of fields, which allows us to adapt to any company or organisation. During our cooperation, we are your partners – we will inform you in advance about the latest news and developments in the area of information security and cybersecurity.  

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We will help you find the best cybersecurity solution
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We will examine the state of your cybersecurity and recommend effective measures

We will examine the state of your cybersecurity and recommend effective measures

  • We will uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your IT with penetration tests, which simulate cyber attacks.  
  • With a comprehensive cybersecurity audit, you will get a detailed overview of the state of your security. 

As a result of penetration testing and cybersecurity analysis, you will get a realistic overview of your company's security status. You will also get recommendations that will help you get rid of the identified weaknesses quickly.

Penetration testing

Cybersecurity audit

We will examine the state of your cybersecurity and recommend effective measures

Why should you choose our cybersecurity services?

Years of experience with cybersecurity
Our procedures are proven by years of experience Our security specialists have over 20 years of experience and have completed more than 100 different security projects for clients in various different industries.
We will adapt to your needs
We adapt the cybersecurity audit process or the comparative analysis process to the specific needs of your organisation. The audit or analysis is performed without disrupting your company’s operation.
Diverse specialisation and certification
As experts, we have access to the most up- to-date information and the latest solutions on the market. We hold the following certifications:
CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)


We will gladly explain everything in person and help you choose the best service for your organisation. Our consultant will contact you first and together you will go over your requirements and test specifications. Based on your feedback and your years of experience, we will prepare and present to you the recommended scope and plan of the test and the communication scenario. We will also discuss any other limitations and testing parameters.

The test can be conducted while your company is in full operation or within defined time slots to avoid disruptions. We will keep you updated about the progress and time requirements of each step of the testing process. In the end, we will produce a written report that our consultants will present to you, and provide data that can be incorporated into your analytical tools. 

Yes, with QRadar Incident Forensics you can replay the individual steps of a potential attacker and quickly and easily find which parts of your network or infrastructure are compromised.  

This reduces the time required to restore network security to a minimum and increases defences against future attacks.

The DPL tool will provide statistics for each employee, including time spent on different websites. This makes it easy to see if the employees are fully focused on their work.  

  • during a one-time or regular review of your company's processes and technologies  
  • when changing/upgrading the key IT technologies (HW and SW audit, backup)  
  • when implementing new security technologies, policies, and services (e.g. SIEM, SOC, access rights policy, etc.)  
  • when switching IT or other critical service providers  
  • before user security awareness training  
  • for planning security measures, e.g. after a cyberattack  
  • when implementing or reviewing the Information Security Management System and documentation  
  • when implementing a Business Continuity Management plan and Disaster Recovery Plan (BCM, DRP)  
  • when changing your organisational structure (i.e. acquisition) or mandatory requirements from a business partner  

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Jaromír Žák
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We will help you with your problem and find the ideal customized solution for you.
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