Endpoint Security - DLP, MDM and EMM

Ensure your mobile and computer security and data safety using  comprehensive protection!  

We will customise the solution according to the results of the initial audit and implement it within a week.  

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Endpoint Security - DLP, MDM and EMM
It takes companies up to 6 months to detect serious security breaches.
Protect your sensitive data
Protect your client’s data and your know-how from unauthorised distribution or uploading to the cloud or portable media.
Increase productivity
Find out how your employees use their work hours, how much they print, or what websites they visit with user behaviour analysis.
Prevent data leaks
Block a stolen or lost mobile device or wipe all data from it remotely.
Comprehensive protection of company data

Comprehensive protection of company data

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)  

The DLP software protects your data by enforcing security rules when working with company data. It also provides an overview of security incidents and user behaviour. DPL can also create an advanced inventory of all devices that are in use, including their detailed profiles.  

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)  

EMM software protects data from your company’s mobile devices. It efficiently combines policies, processes, technologies, and tools that manage all your company mobile devices within the Mobile Device Management (MDM).  

Comprehensive protection of company data

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The MDM solution provides management and security of all company mobile devices. It enables:  

  • monitoring all connected devices and set of security rules
  • preventing unauthorised mobile devices from connecting 
  • locking a company phone or remotely wiping data if the phone is lost or stolen
  • centralised management and configuration of all mobile devices
  • device localisation in case of theft
  • advanced inventory of the hardware
  • management and configuration of the operation system
  • content management of the mobile device
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Prevent these situations:

Prevent these situations:

  • unauthorised uploading of company files on the cloud
  • sending sensitive data to e-mail addresses outside of the organisation
  • data leaks when the device is lost or stolen
  • know-how leak after the termination of employment
  • the inefficiency of employees during work hours or at the home office
Prevent these situations:

How does this cooperation work?

Initial audit
We will conduct an initial audit including an inventory of your assets and recommend the best solution according to your needs.
Setting up processes
We will set up security rules and company policies, so you have an overview of who has access to company data and what they're doing with it.
Regular reporting
We regularly monitor all security processes and send you reports. We also suggest new security measures and improvements.

Why should you get DLP/MDM from us?

Verified suppliers
We will always help you choose the best solution for you – we partner with leading software suppliers.
Comprehensive security
Comprehensive security
We will provide the best possible solutions to all security events and incidents by covering all areas of cybersecurity.
With our SMC analysis tool, we will always keep you up to date with an overview of key DPL, MDM, and EMM outputs.


The DPL tool will provide statistics for each employee, including time spent on different websites. This makes it easy to see if the employees are fully focused on their work.  

MDM enables you to remotely block the device or completely wipe the data in case the device gets lost or stolen.

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