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We are like Ariadne's Thread for your business. 

Ariadne gave prince Theseus a ball of thread which helped him find the right way out of the labyrinth, we help our clients find the right way through the labyrinth of security solutions. 

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About us

What do we do? 

We are a Czech company providing specialist services in the field of information security and cybersecurity. Although NGSS was founded in 2016, its founders and members of the implementation team are very experienced consultants and technical specialists, who have worked in the field for at least 15 years.
Penetration Testing
Risk Analyses
Log Management
Security Audits
Cybersecurity Training
SMC – Security Management Center
Outsourcing of Security Roles
ISMS (ISO 27001)
Personal data protection, GDPR
IoT and Industrial security
IS Security architecture
Endpoint security
Privileged account management
Our certifications
Lead auditor ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001)
Lead auditor SMS (ISO/IEC 20000)
Information Security System Manager ISO/IEC 27001:2014
Accredited Trusted Introducer (TI)

Contact persons

Jaromír Žák
Jaromír Žák
Jaromír has been successfully leading teams of experts in tech companies for years and has worked with NGSS since its inception. He is passionate about the development and strategy of our business, products, and clientele.
Antonín Šefčík
Antonín Šefčík
Head of the Consultants Department
Antonín coordinates a team of consultants who take care of the security of our client\'s information and personal data. He is also responsible for the smooth running of the consulting department\'s projects.
Radim Navrátil
Radim Navrátil
Head of IT Security Department 
Radim leads specialists and analysts in the IT security department. His teams take care of our customers’ cybersecurity and are responsible for the operation of our SOC (Security Operations Center).
Daniel Přívratský
Daniel Přívratský
Enterprise Security Architect
Daniel is a part of the security architect team. He is able to integrate process security with technical security to ensure that NGSS services bring the most value to our clients. He is also a guarantor for the areas of security testing and of the SMC product.
Nikola Antlová
Nikola Antlová
Attorney at law
Nikola is an attorney at law, and she provides legal advice on data protection and privacy issues. Her legal insight into security issues is a great benefit to our clients.
Karin Skovajsová
Karin Skovajsová
Marketing manager
Karin manages and coordinates marketing activities. She takes care of the promotion of our company and communication with clients and business partners.

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Jaromír Žák
Jaromír Žák
Jaromír is involved in the development and strategy of our business and is responsible for the quality of all services.
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NGSS has implemented an information security management system in accordance with ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2014. NGSS Information Security Management System (ISMS) Policy here.
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