Audits and comparative analyses

We will check the state of cybersecurity and information security in your company. We will identify non-conformities with internal criteria or legislation and suggest solutions.

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Audits and comparative analyses
It takes companies up to 6 months to detect a serious security breach.
Get facts not assumptions
You will get real and comprehensive information about the state of security in your company or organization.
Right choice guarantee
You will be sure you're making the right choice before even making a decision on how to ensure your company's security.
During full operation
Your company will remain operating fully. We will perform the audit or analysis during full operation without disrupting your employees.
Customized service

Customized service

We perform audits and comparative analyses in all areas of cyber security and information security.

3 types of analyses or audits 

An audit determines the state of a selected area and identifies any non-compliances with the requirements. We conduct internal and external audits to make sure you meet legislative requirements on cybersecurity or GDPR.  

Comparative analysis is similar to security audits. In addition, we usually recommend how to address the identified non-conformities.

Technical security analysis is an audit that focuses on cybersecurity. It includes vulnerability testing, penetration testing, and other security tests.   

Customized service

Security/GAP analysis is best

  • when starting or "restarting" the implementation of an Information Security Management System    
  • to determine the status of compliance with legislative requirements (for example to ensure personal data protection)  
  • before deciding how the security of the organisation or an information system should be ensured  
Security/GAP analysis is best
Widespread focus

Widespread focus

When conducting audits, we mainly focus on these areas:

  • Information Security Management System  
  • = ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001)  
  • Cybersecurity Act  
  • information system security 
  • personal data protection  
  • physical security  
  • ensuring continuity of operations  
  • ensuring compliance with the requirements of standards and legislation  
  • management of IT services
Widespread focus

How does this cooperation work?

Assignments of an audit or analysis
Together we will discuss your requirements. We will then prepare a plan for the audit or analysis.
Audit process
We will keep you updated on the time requirements of the individual steps of an audit.
Final report
We will prepare a written report for you, where we explain all identified risks and recommend solutions.

Why should you get an audit from us?

Hundreds of experiences
We have completed more than 100 security audits for clients from many different fields.
It is customized
We customize the audit process and the following interpretation of the results based on the knowledge and specifics of our diverse clients.
Many years of experience
We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of information security and protection against cyberattacks.


You will get an unbiased overview of the state of your security and suggestions for improving it. We will gladly explain the differences between an analysis and an audit in person and help you choose a service that will be the best for you.  

No, you don't. If you don't have an in-house auditor, we will arrange everything for you.

That depends on your situation, we will discuss everything in advance. Our consultants conduct a short interview with each responsible representative and are able to prepare the audit or analysis plan based on the interview and their years of experience. We will keep you updated on the time requirements.  

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Antonín Šefčík
Antonín Šefčík
Head of the Consultants Department
Antonín has over 20 years of experience with hundreds of security projects and audits. He is also a holder of the ISMS Lead Auditor (ISO/IEC 27001) and Auditor ISO/IEC 20000 certifications.
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NGSS has implemented an information security management system in accordance with ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2014. NGSS Information Security Management System (ISMS) Policy here.
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