Enhance the cyber security of your company or organisation with the comprehensive services of the Security Operations Centre.  

Choose a tailored service adapted to your needs: from advanced management and monitoring of the SIEM solution, to complete SOC with CSIRT services and security or penetration testing.

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Hacker attacks happen every 39 seconds!
Smooth operation
We protect your business by quickly responding to security incidents and by customising your cyber protection.
Security overview
You will get a unique overview of security incidents and other events in your network.
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Recurring security incidents caused by human error are included in the user security awareness training program.
SOC for commercial and public sectors

SOC for commercial and public sectors

Whether you represent a government organisation or commercial or industrial company, take advantage of the SOC services.  

SOC provides reliable protection and response against an increasing number of emerging threats and incidents.  

It is the ideal solution if you want to increase your IT security but you don't have experts in your company if building your own team is not a priority or If it’s not cost-effective for you.  

SOC for commercial and public sectors

We operate NESTOR - our own SOC centre

All the services we offer are operated in our own monitoring centre NESTOR:  

  • we analyse and improve the cybersecurity of companies  
  • we detect, analyse, and resolve your security incidents  
  • we collect and analyse data from different sources  
  • we process information about SW and HW vulnerabilities  
We operate NESTOR - our own SOC centre
CSIRT team

CSIRT team

We resolve incidents which threaten companies' infrastructure and information assets, with the help of an internationally certified CSIRT team, which holds the prestigious accreditation by Trusted Introducer. CSIRT focuses on providing immediate assistance for resolving security incidents for commercial, contributory, nonprofit and state-owned institutions.    

The CSIRT helps to prevent cyber incidents as much as possible. To achieve these goals, the CSIRT collaborates with other teams worldwide.  

CSIRT team

How does this cooperation work?

We monitor all threats and analyse all incidents 24/7.
We respond immediately to all your IT security threats according to the level we agreed on.
We will keep you updated about all events so that you have a complete overview of the state of your cybersecurity.

Why should you get SOC from us?

Experience and professionalism
We have years of experience with cybersecurity. We hold the IBM Security Partner of the Year 2020 award.
Versatile focus
We are able to suggest optimal solutions and measures thanks to comprehensive services covering all areas of information security and IT security.
Comprehensive solution
We evaluate SOC activities in comparison to your requirements and established practices in comparable organisations with our own SMC system.


The SOC service can be summarised in 5 connected phases:  

  1. Prediction of cybersecurity risks – an analytical service used to predict situations that lead to security incidents.  

  2. Prevention of cybersecurity risks – activities such as penetration testing to prevent security incidents.  

  1. Detection of cybersecurity risks – identification and monitoring of cyber events.  

  1. SOC response –response to security incidents including logging, analysis, suggestion, and implementation of security measures.  

  1. SOC optimisation – constant improvement of services using a specialised analytical system. 

According to the information scheme, security incidents can be reported to cooperate organisations, parent organisations or state-owned organisations.  

At your request, we will provide a forensic investigation service in cooperation with a specialised CSIRT team. 


Detection has the following three steps:  

  1. Aggregation of security incidents – we transfer the security incident logs to secure storage outside of the monitoring systems so they can be securely processed. If necessary, we will also involve other relevant sources of information in the aggregation process.  

  1. Correlation of security events –  we correlate information from monitoring systems and add helpful infrastructure elements information as well as information on security events from relevant cybersecurity areas.  

  1. Security breach analysis – our security experts will process the information obtained in the previous steps with the help of specialised analytical tools, using publicly and non-publicly available information about security threats and trends. We promptly report the incident to second-level security analysts to initiate the response process. We will also report this to your company, according to the escalation matrix, if the detected incident could lead to a breach of confidentiality, integrity or availability of the protected information and systems.  

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Radim Navrátil
Head of IT Security Department
Radim and his team of specialists and analysts provide complete cybersecurity services and products. Because of his expert overview, maximum benefits from our IT security services are guaranteed.
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NGSS has implemented an information security management system in accordance with ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2014. NGSS Information Security Management System (ISMS) Policy here.
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