Security Management Center – SMC

Get an overview of security information, procedural information, and management information in your company, all in one place! 

Save time and money with a unique analytical and modeling tool, which we customise according to your organisation's requirements. 

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Security Management Center – SMC
In the last year alone, the number of cyberattacks has increased by 600%
Invest efficiently
With clear outputs, which will help you make the right security decisions, you will spend your security resources wisely.
Save time
Focus only on what's Important. SMC will process, prioritise, and present all the data for you.
Get an overview
Always have an up-to-date overview of key outputs which is easy to understand for the company management and ICT management.
Flexible, customised solution

Flexible, customised solution

We will set up the SMC (Security Management Center) according to your preferences. We can also customise it for each individual role in your organisation.

Examples of the information we provide  

Organisation management – you will see a comparison with similar organisations, get an overview of the efficiency of CAPEX and OPEX expenditures, a record of the efficiency of security measures in each part of the organisation, etc.  

Security management – you will get an overview of the state of security processes, an analysis of compliance with relevant security standards, reports on the effectiveness of measures implemented at the IT level, and their impact on the overall level of cybersecurity and information security, etc.  

ICT management –you will get an overview of the state of technical security, prioritise taking the right measures, see the origins and trends of security vulnerabilities and their solutions, etc.  

Flexible, customised solution

Unique concept

SMC is able to combine technical, process, and management inputs. It manages data from information technologies (e.g. SIEM) and information processes (e.g. risk analysis). SMC analyses and visualises the collected data in a unique and comprehensive way. This means that not only the experts but also the management of the organisation are able to understand the results.

At the core of the service is a unique security intelligence that gives you the past, current, and predictive view of the state of your cybersecurity and information security.  

Unique concept
Answers at your fingertips

Answers at your fingertips

With SMC, you will find the answer to such questions with just a few clicks:

  • How efficient is our security spending?  
  • What will be the CAPEX and OPEX expenditures? 
  • What will be the results of investing in individual security technologies? 
  • What should we focus on? 
  • How important are specific incidents? 
  • What is the financial loss from the non-conformities identified by the audit?
  • Which financial sanctions could actually affect us? 
  • In which area is the data protection insufficient?  
Answers at your fingertips

How is the SMC implementation conducted?

Meeting with a consultant
We will specify the type and scope of your data sources and decide who (which role) will be receiving the SMC information.
Connection of input data
We will collect data from your monitoring systems (e.g., SIEM) and analysis data, and connect them to the SMC using a data pump.
SMC handover
We will customise the SMC app according to your needs and roles and give you a thorough tutorial on how to use it.

Why SMC?

Technologically independent solution
Choose a system without any vendor lock-ins, a system with added value from the unique know-how of our leading specialists.
All-in-one solution
Get the most useful information with heuristic models and a unique combination of technical, process, and management outputs.
Protect your investments
Find out which financial gains or losses are associated with each of your security decisions through the presentation of analyses with financial metrics.


SIEM focuses on the management of security events mainly from the technology environment.  The SMC service uses SIEM as a source of data, for example data about security events in your ICT. SMC service combines this information with information about non-conformances from audits, risks from risk analyses and other information to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of security.  

Yes, of course. Thanks to SMC, a small company can benefit from the experiences of other, often much larger companies. With the SMC service, even small companies that are just starting can avoid making decisions that could cause unnecessary costs. 

Implementation can be done in a matter of hours, in the case of large environments in a matter of days. The implementation consists only of providing input data and connecting data sources.

In that case, SMC is even more important. It provides information for the management to help them make efficient security decisions. The outputs are crucial for company management and also ICT management. Because of the service we are able to compensate for the missing security roles in your company.  

Yes, definitely. The SMC service provides a comprehensive overview of the security state at any time. Because of this, you can easily prove that you're managing cybersecurity effectively. The SMC service is also a great tool which will help you with obtaining a variety of security certifications.

Besides state administrations and self-governments, the implementation of SMC is useful for:   

  • Organisations that are obliged entities under the Act No 181/2014 Coll. on Cyber Security  
  • Organisations that process personal data in accordance with the GDPR requirements  
  • Organisations that operate an Information Security Management System, e.g., a system based on ISO 27001  
  • Organisations that process cardholder data under the PCI DSS standard  
  • Organisations that operate the following management systems:  
    • EN ISO 9001:2016 – quality management  
    • EN ISO 14001:2016 – environmental management  
    • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2019 – IT service management  
    • ISO/IEC 27001:2014 – information security management  
    • ISO 45001:2018 – OH&S management   
    • IATF 16949:2016 – automotive quality management  

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NGSS has implemented an information security management system in accordance with ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2014. NGSS Information Security Management System (ISMS) Policy here.
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