Cybersecurity Legislation and NIS2 Directive

Legislation on cybersecurity will be updated by a binding NIS2 Directive, which tightens up measures to boost the cybersecurity level. We will advise you on how to prepare for the legal changes and help you fulfill them. Let us handle the process of adapting to the directive! 

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Cybersecurity Legislation and NIS2 Directive
Up to 76% of companies have faced some kind of security incident.
Comply with the cybersecurity legislation
We will determine the impact of the NIS2 Directive on your company, so you are in compliance with all legal standards and regulations and avoid penalties.
We provide everything from analysis to application
We will explain all the requirements of the NIS2 Directive to you. Based on the analysis we'll propose the implementation of measures, company procedures, and security documentation. We will guide you through the whole process step by step.
Application of the measures
To help you fulfill the legal standards and regulations on time and increase your security level, the application of measures will take place during the full run of your company.
Prevent cybersecurity threads

Prevent cybersecurity threads

Just in the last year, the number of cyberattacks has increased by 600%. You can reduce the risk of being attacked by being prepared for the NIS2 Directive in time as well as securing your company and avoiding potential fines. 

We explain the details of the directive to you, help you to register your company to the list of mandatory subjects, prepare the plan for implementing the security measures, and assist with handling the documentation properly. That way you can be sure you are compliant with the legislation once the NIS2 Directive comes into force. We'll solve all the steps together with you. 

Prevent cybersecurity threads

What specific areas will we focus on?

  • Establishing a risk management approach 
  • More precise design of the incident reporting process, the content of reports and deadlines 
  • Solutions for supply chain security and suppliers' relations 
  • The resilience of the network and information systems 
  • Consistent encryption and prevention, or the immediate resolution of incidents and effective means of crisis management 
  • Implementation of internal processes such as security documentation and user education 
  • Possible expansion of relevant technologies or improving the current infrastructure  
What specific areas will we focus on?
Which subjects must follow the NIS2 Directive?

Which subjects must follow the NIS2 Directive?

The NIS2 Directive will have an impact on more than 6,000 subjects with 50 and more employees or annual turnover of more than €10 million from the following industries: 

  • energy (electricity, district heating and cooling, oil, gas, and hydrogen), 
  • transportation (air, railway, water, and road), 
  • banking and financial market infrastructure, 
  • healthcare and production of pharmaceutical and medical devices 
  • water management, 
  • digital infrastructure, Internet exchange nodes, DNS providers, Internet top-level domains (TLD), 
  • cloud computing providers, data center providers, content delivery networks 
  • providers of trust-building services and public electronic communication networks and electronic communication services 
  • public administration 
Which subjects must follow the NIS2 Directive?

The process of our cooperation

Initial consultation
Our NGSS consultants will guide you through all the legal requirements you are obliged to meet.
Current state analysis
We will analyze the current state of your company, evaluate the impact of the NIS2 Directive, and propose relevant steps to fulfill all the legal requirements and measures.
We will help you put the measures into practice. We will draw up documents, design a training plan for employees, and more. We solve all the steps together.

Why consult us?

Legal support
Legal experts on cybersecurity are an integral part of our team.
Clients from various industries
Thanks to the variety of our clients and knowledge of their specifics, we know exactly how to prepare the implementation.
We have implemented hundreds of cybersecurity projects, and we work with Cyber Security Decree and NÚKIB Minimal Security Standard daily.


You gain an accurate and unbiased view of your cyber security's state and learn whether the NIS2 would have an impact on your company. We gladly explain all the legal measures and requirements to you and assist you to choose the appropriate service that will help you comply with the cybersecurity legislation.

That depends specifically on your situation. We will discuss that in advance. Our consultants will interview shortly the representatives responsible. Based on the interviews and many years of experience we will prepare the analysis plan. We will inform you about the current status and time consumption continuously.

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