SIEM a Log Management

Get the best overview of the state of your IT security and information security and ensure compliance with the Cyber Security Act!  

We will take care of implementing SIEM - a comprehensive tool for processing security information.  

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SIEM a Log Management
In the last year alone, the number of cyberattacks has increased by 600%!
Minimise your risk
Detect security threats and incidents by monitoring your network continuously.
Follow the legislation
By implementing SIEM, you will comply with the Cyber Security Act requirements for event detection and incident reporting.
Comprehensive tool
Get a comprehensive overview by putting the information gathered by SIEM into a wider security context.
IBM Security QRadar - Leader in SIEM

IBM Security QRadar - Leader in SIEM

We implement the SIEM solution  IBM Security QRadar, that provides log management, event management, reporting and analysis of the behaviour of infrastructure elements, networks, apps or users.  

It is the ideal solution for the commercial and public sectors when you need a better overview or analysis and management of security events and incidents.   

We have many years of experience with IBM Security QRadar and have successfully implemented it for several of our clients. It allows you to not only effectively respond to security incidents that have already occurred but also to predict and prevent them. 

IBM Security QRadar - Leader in SIEM

Log management is important

Properly managed logs are a source of information about the events in your IT environment and will help you improve its security significantly. 

Stay in control of your security systems even if you use multiple platforms. Log management converts the individual logs into one format which helps to identify the source of the cyber-attack. 

We will provide all the necessary hardware and software, including installation, recovery and employee training.  

Log management is important
We support your monitoring

We support your monitoring

The monitoring service is a part of our SOC. If you want to take care of the monitoring on your own, we will provide you with the necessary training and monitoring scenarios, including preventative and reactive measures. 

We support your monitoring

How does the SIEM service work?

Environment analysis
We will conduct a thorough analysis of your company's environment and ideally also a risk analysis of the individual assets.
We implement SIEM to be as beneficial as possible for your organisation.
Our accredited CSIRT, which is part of the SOC service, responds to the identified incidents and threats.

Why should you get SIEM from us?

IBM Security Partner
We hold the IBM Security Partner of the Year 2020 award. IBM QRadar has been listed as one of the leaders in the SIEM market.
Connected to SOC 24/7
We will link the SIEM outputs with the SOC and the CSIRT response team which will improve cybersecurity.
Comprehensive security
We will provide the best possible solutions to all security events and incidents by covering all areas of information security and cybersecurity.


The tool processes data in the following steps:   

  1. Collection of security events (logs) from source systems.  

  1. Normalisation (parsing) of the collected data and identification of the log source (e.g. the IP address of the source and destination, the user, the user station, the program used, etc.).  

  1. Real-time testing with correlation rules, to identify the log information which indicates a security threat.  

  1. The logs are stored (in normalised and RAW formats) in the internal IBM Security QRadar storage for possible later retrieval, reporting and interpretation in the context of comprehensive security or forensic analysis.   

IBM Security QRadar also receives and collects flows from the internal network. The information from these flows goes through a similar cycle as security events. These flows, together with logs from the source systems, are evaluated with the correlation rules.  

Yes, with QRadar Incident Forensics you can replay the individual steps of a potential attacker and quickly and easily find which parts of your network or infrastructure are compromised.  

This reduces the time required to restore network security to a minimum and increases defences against future attacks.

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your company's environment along with a risk analysis of the individual assets. We always implement SIEM to be as beneficial as possible for your organisation.  

During the implementation process, we actively collect specific information from the whole context (the network, the infrastructure categorisation, etc.). According to your needs, we also add specific rules or reports to SIEM. This allows us to customise the IBM Security QRadar beyond the hundreds of default correlation rules which are based on use cases.   

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